***** “Nadia is simply the best tango instructor I've taken classes from, and I've taken *lots* of classes in my 10 years of dancing (6+ with Nadia). In addition to tango, she has classical ballet and musical backgrounds, so to say she's knowledgeable is an understatement. She's also incredibly generous: she cares about each one of her students, tracks their progress, and gives them all the one-on-one attention they need. I'm not even mentioning how wonderful of a person she is - come and see for yourself.”  — Mikhail Bessmeltsev (September 2019)

***** “Studying Argentine Tango with Nadia will change your life - in more ways than one. Her teaching style is imbued with a deep understanding of how bodies move naturally and inevitably. Her love and passion for the dance and for her students is ever present. It is strictly joyous to dance and learn in her studio and I cannot imagine my world without Argentine Tango nor without Strictly Tango. Such a privilege, thank you, Nadia.”  — Eva G (July 2019)

***** “If you would like to start learning Tango, as an absolute beginner - don’t go anyone but Nadia (Strictly Tango). I started learning Tango in July 2013 which totally changed my life. Nadia was (and still is) my teacher, I was so fortunate to have her as my first Tango teacher, as she has very detailed eyes which she would not miss anything that should be corrected on your movements. You’ll have a lot of attention from her during the class, as it’s small size and she always keeps the role balance (Follower/Leader role). She teaches not only steps but musicality, mentality, etiquette, and culture background of Tango - in short, what the life like with Tango. Richer your tango experience than just learning steps to show off.

Someone said “Tango is the life and beyond.” Tango is not something you can learn in short term. Nadia is THE teacher I always would like to come back to relearn basics and remind me of why I dance social Tango.

There are many Tango teachers in Vancouver, and everyone has own style, method of teaching which is great to expand your Tango world but again, if you’re an absolute beginner - Go with Nadia.” – Mariko E. (July 2019)

***** “Nadia's tango classes are the very best. Unlike a lot of teachers who focus on footwork and patterns, Nadia focuses on really teaching technique so that when you get to any of the more elaborate patterns, you know what to do with your body and how to connect with your partner. It makes a huge difference to have solid technique, and Nadia won't let you get away without it! Nadia is passionate and warm and her class environment is friendly, caring, and fun. Love!”  — Jill G. (July 2019)

***** “Nadia is both personable and professional. Her classes are fun. For private lessons, she has a flexible schedule. She has given me a thorough understanding of the basics of tango and I look forward to continuing instruction.” — Donald M. (July 2019)

***** “I studied Ballet with Nadia for two years. She was my favourite teacher in the 14 years that I studied Ballet. Now I study Tango with her and she instructs it much like she did Ballet. She makes sure you have the steps solidly before pressing forward, and this gives confidence, and a feeling of success to the student. She is a stickler for detail! This is what I look for when studying. Nadia is not only a magnificent instructor, she is a warm, humorous, considerate, and kind human being. All of these wonderful attributes come into play in her fabulous Argentine Tango classes!!” – Raven S. (July 2019)

***** “Nadia is an excellent tango teacher with more then 15 years experience.  She has profound knowledge of the body mechanics and genuine understanding of musicality.”
— Michael Daniels (Event organizer & DJ in Vancouver Canada) (July 2019)

***** “Nadia is an excellent tango teacher and gives all her students her full attention. Highly recommend her for achieving the basics in tango. She shares her passion with lots of warmth and precision.”  — Caroline G. (July 2019)

***** “Nadia selects unbelievably beautiful music. Her studio is conducive to learning in a relaxed atmosphere. Nadia is the quintessential professional dance instructor - one who really knows her stuff, loves to teach, and has an effective teaching methodology. Nadia connects with each student personally and purposefully. We are very fortunate to learn from Nadia, in Vancouver, the social style of tango that is danced in Buenos Aires.” — Ann L. (July 2019)

***** “Nadia at Strictly Tango is passionate about Argentine tango and really cares that her students learn it well. She regularly goes to Buenos Aires to continue her own studies. The studio is warm and cozy like a nice tango embrace. Class sizes are small providing students 1-on-1 attention and feedback. If you’re looking for a superb tango teacher and coach, I highly recommend Nadia at Strictly Tango.” – Peter K (July 2019)

***** “Nadia is an excellent tango teacher. She teaches with the passion that Tango deserves and has a great knowledge of technique, alignment, and makes the classes fun and accessible!” – Gabrielle S. (July 2019)

***** “Nadia gives precise, personal feedback in her teaching, and her depth of knowledge is outstanding. Her classes are fun, informative, and very welcoming.” – Andrew B. (July 2019)

*****  “I’ve been taking Nadia’s tango classes for over 3 years. Love the classes, the studio, and her teaching style.” – Konstantin B. (July 2019)

***** “Nadia will not only emphasize basics but also carves away all those little flaws which results in making you a better tango dancer.” — Mario R. (July 2019)