The saying that Argentine tango takes “a day to learn and a lifetime to master” is a guiding principle at Strictly Tango. While classes are organized in three levels, movement from one level to another can take some time and is not always a one-way progression. Everyone’s tango journey is unique. An advanced dancer may choose to explore dancing the opposite role and start at Level I again; an experienced dancer who has been away from tango for a few years may find Level II a good fit; a novice dancer taking private sessions and dancing frequently at weekly milongas and practicas may advance quickly. Nadia is committed to ensuring that every Strictly Tango student is enrolled at the most suitable level — in classes that will fortify core skills and offer just the right amount of challenge.

Classes are just one part of the learning experience. Each class session is followed by an open practice of fifteen to twenty minutes where students can practice what they learned that night. Periodically, Nadia offers workshops on specific topics, to give dancers at all levels a chance to learn in a more intensive environment. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of private sessions with Nadia — a great way to get the most out of your time and money, and make progress quickly. Finally, you are encouraged to attend local practicas and milongas to put what you’ve learned into action on the dance floor. There is no substitute for practice!


To get started, here’s what you need to know:

Schedules:  Workshop and series schedules are posted on the website here.

$85 for one series (four classes per month)
$45 for each additional series in the same month
$25 for a workshop for current and past students
$30 for a workshop for new students

Discounts:  Post-secondary students get a 20% discount on classes or workshops. Dancers enrolled in a monthly series pay only $20 for workshops and receive a 10% discount on private sessions.

Registration:  Registration is done by email to Nadia. Students may register for as many months in advance as they want and are also encouraged to register for a series one month in advance. This applies to current students as well as incoming students.

Privates: Privates are invaluable and highly recommended for accelerated learning. Discount is given to those registered in series. Same fee applies for one person or one dance couple. You can inquire about individual or package rates here

Payment:  All fees are due at the first class of the series, or at the start of each workshop or private session. Payable by cash or cheque.

Refund Policy:  Those who have registered are responsible for the full series or workshop fee. Prior to the start of a series, one week notice of cancellation is required for a refund unless a suitable replacement takes your place.

Missed/Make up Class:  Please call, text, or email if you are not able to come to class. This is important to help keep a balance of followers and leaders. Missed classes are not refunded. If at all possible, arrangements will be made for a make up class, but this is not guaranteed.

Note: Classes are suspended for three months each year during Nadia’s annual sabbatical in Buenos Aires. 

Content Writer: Sandra Vander Schaaf